Alaska Mothership
Alaska Mothership



We have taken every opportunity to cater to the specialized interests of anglers. This is not another SE Alaska Liveaboard /Mothership offering guests a sight seeing/fishing cruise from port to port. Our guests join the Mothership on the remote fishing grounds and skip the day long cruise both ways. This seemingly small detail can double the amount of fishing time on your four day trip. AK Mothership anglers not only experience the essence of coastal wilderness but are also rewarded with reduced fishing pressure and more diverse opportunities. We remain focused on the pursuit of angling.

The F/V Providence is a custom built, 34’, deluxe six pack charter vessel. Featuring spacious fishing deck, roomy heated cabin with stand up head, commercial grade side scanning sonar, complete complement of the rods and reels by Accurate and G. Loomis, massive fish holds to ice the days catch, an experienced captain and crew to insure your safety and success.

We fish for multiple species each day. You will see us employ some combination of the techniques described below while pursuing Kings, Silvers, Halibut, Lingcod, and a variety of bottom fish. Ultimately we strive to maximize angler enjoyment.

Mooching is a common and effective technique for all species of salmon. We use cut bait and a sliding weight system to deliver the bait to targets spotted on the sonar. Our set up includes Accurate 870N’s spooled with 20lb on G. Loomis 981C’s GL3. Mooching is equally effective with the boat anchored or adrift.

Jigging is a hands on fast action technique working well on all species. We utilize the accurate 870n matched to a G. Loomis 932C GL2 and 40lb braid. Weighted lures are dropped and jigged vertically on fish that are in areas of proven productivity generally associated with converging currents, structure (pinnacles, reefs, ledges, sand flats,) or targets identified on sonar.

Trolling is the technique of last resort. Placing the lines in downriggers the boat covers water searching for fish. Trolling is reserved for situations where salmon are scattered and bait balls cannot be located. Anglers take turns fielding strikes on two rods.

Live Bait? Yes we mean live. Large schools of bait herring frequent the areas we fish. We catch the herring using sabiki rods and herring jigs. The mooching set up is used to deliver the bait to sonar targets.

While all of the aforementioned techniques work great for “eater sized” (20-50 lb)halibut, Chunk Bait is easily the best technique for luring trophy (over 100 lb) halibut. The key elements to success are remaining stationary and setting a scent slick. The boat is anchored in close proximity to under water structure. Sending down a myriad of bloody oily oversized baits rigged with 16/0 to 20/0 hooks to the ocean floor achieves the desired effect. The scent trail regularly draws in halibut of 100lbs or more. The most often used baits are large herring, salmon guts and scraps, octopus, and squid.

Self guided activities utilizing our 17’ Whaler or onboard kayaks offer our guests dusk to dawn angling opportunity. Our “extended hours” activities include: Exploring remote freshwater streams alive with a cocktail of native trout and spawning salmon, take advantage of a low tide and dig clams, run crab gear in the back bays, or more saltwater salmon and halibut fishing within the protected confines of the bay.

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